This commercial gas waffle maker is your answer to perfectly baked Belgian waffles without the need for electrical power. The Cast Iron heating plates ensure a perfect baking result time after time. The device is available for propane or natural gas supply.

Besides its all-round use, this professional waffle maker is especially suitable for outdoor baking, in a food truck or Trailer.

VH-LWI-SG Manual

Belgian Commercial LIEGE & BRUSSLES Waffle maker


The waffle maker is made out of high grade 10/10 stainless steel and includes 1 uniform 4×6 cast iron waffle grid that rotate 360 degrees. This setup allows the user to bake up to 2 waffles at a time. The waffle grid can be removed from the gas waffle maker for easy cleaning.

Production capacity

The waffle maker has 1 gas burner under the cast iron waffle grid. To ensure proper baking, the cast iron waffle grid need to be rotated during the baking process to ensure that both sides of the waffle grid are equally heated by the gas burners.


Base Construction

Clean and heavy duty construction for intensive professional use, completely made out of stainless steel.

Waffle Iron

Is made out of one piece “Non-adhesive” cast iron insuring a perfect baking result.


This commercial gas powered Belgian waffle maker operates on Natural Gas or Propane. The heating can be adjusted by the button in front. This Belgian waffle maker on gas will allow you to bake fresh Liege waffles on gas without the need of electrical power. The gas valve has also an idle setting.

Baking surface

Is made slightly rough, stopping the waffle from drying out during the baking process, giving it a more refined taste. The perfect baking surface for an authentic Liege waffle or Brussels Waffle.


This waffle iron is equipped with a gas regulator in front of the waffle maker, allowing you to adjust the heat by regulating the flame under the cast iron waffle grid.

Drip trays

The gas waffle maker also comes with a removable stainless steel drip try for fast and easy cleaning.


“Cool touch” handles, made out of heat resistant material for safe opening, closing and rotating of the gas waffle iron.

Removable Cast iron grid

The cast iron waffle grid is made to hold the heat while baking the Belgian waffles. While baking Belgian waffles on this gas waffle maker you will be able to rotate the cast Iron grid 360 degrees over the gas burner. The cast iron grid will insure a perfect baking result time after time.
The iron cast waffle grid can also be removed from the device.


This cast iron waffle grid can be easily removed from the gas waffle maker and is therefore very easy to clean.


Waffle typeGridWaffle size (mm)
Single2 x 4×6150 x 105 x 23

Technical specifications


Natural Gas
Propane Gas

Waffle Maker Dimensions

540 x 510 x 300 mm

Weight Waffle Maker

25 Kg.

User Manual

An English VH user manual is included into the packadge. This manual includes startup and technical information as well as recipes for the Brussels waffle and Liege waffle.


The device is hand packed for international transport to avoid transport dammages. This special packing is FREE OF CHARGE