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Are you looking for a commercial cast iron Belgian waffle maker ?

You want to bake the perfect Belgian waffle time after time ?

You want equal heat distribution ?

You need a heavy-duty commercial waffle maker ?

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Commercial Belgian waffle makers
and Belgian waffle dough

Commercial Waffle Maker Liege Waffle Intro
Commercial Liege Waffle MakerCommercial Liege Waffle Maker
Liege Waffle Maker
VH-LWI-01 | VH-LWI-02
Frozen Dough Liege Waffle
Single Gas waffle maker LWI-SG1 Single Gas waffle maker LWI-DG1
Gas / Propane Waffle Maker

Commercial Brussels Waffle Maker Intro
Commercial Brussels Waffle Maker VH-BWI-01 Commercial Brussels Waffle Maker VH-BWI-02
Brussels Waffle Maker
VH-BWI-01 | VH-BWI-02

Commercial Waffles on A Stick or lolly waffle Maker Intro
Waffles On A Stick Waffle or Waffle lolly Maker VH-WSI-01 Commercial Waffles On A Stick or Waffle lolly Maker VH-WSI-02
Waffle on a Stick Waffle Maker
VH-WSI-01 | VH-WSI-02


Commercial waffle makers for Fruit waffles or filled waffles
Commercial Fruit Waffle MakerCommercial Fruit Waffle Maker
Savory - Panini Waffle Maker

VH-PWI-01 | VH-PWI-02

Commercial waffle makers for Fruit waffles or filled waffles Commercial Fruit Waffle MakerCommercial Fruit Waffle Maker
Fruit Waffle Maker

VH-FWI-01 | VH-FWI-02

HeartShapedWaffles HeartShapedWaffleMakerShapedWaffleMaker
Shaped Waffle maker

VH-HSI-01 | VH-HSI-02
VH Commercial waffle Maker VH Commercial Gas waffle Maker
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Commercial Cast Iron
Belgian Waffle Makers

Are you looking for a cast iron Belgian waffle maker to bake the Liege waffle, Brussels waffle  or the waffle-on-a-stick then you just found what you are looking for, this commercial waffle maker will do just that!
The VH commercial Liege waffle maker, commercial Brussels waffle maker and commercial waffle-on-a-stick waffle maker are used worldwide by the professional waffle baker and chefs in a commercial kitchen, concession booth or waffle truck.
The VH commercial waffle maker has  a wide variety of different cast iron waffle grids. This will allow you to select the perfect commercial Belgian waffle maker for your business.
Are you baking from liquid waffle dough or dough batter ?
The VH commercial waffle maker is available in a reversible (flip open , 180 degrees) and a non-reversible (open 115 degrees) version. Our reversible waffle maker allows you to make stuffed waffles or filled waffles, even fruit waffles.
The extra electronic features on the semi digital commercial waffle maker help you to bake the perfect waffle time after time. The electronic features will allow you to monitor and control the baking temperature and the baking time.
The VH commercial Belgian waffle maker is shipped worldwide directly to your door from Belgium and is available in 220v-250v or 110v-115v.

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bring the authentic taste of
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