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Backer BV
by V&H Corporation

V&H Corporation was formed in 2009 by Marc Verlinden and Hans Hoogerwerf. After 10 years, they  were ready for a new challenge.  The current Managing Directors  Geert & Stef De Backer want to continue the success story of  this company with passion. We currently export products to more than 100 countries. With the family character as an extra asset, the future looks promising.

Belgian Waffles

We are a company based in Belgium, that offers everything you need to make your own authentic Belgian waffles.  From dough mixes to professional waffle irons in lots of shapes, we have it all!

To guarantee the authenticity, we offer dough mixes made from scratch in Belgium. There are several sorts of waffles like the classics: Brussels, Liege; but also new shapes like bubble waffles or waffles on a stick and more.

We offer “starter packs” to launch your business.