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Professional Belgian Waffle Iron VH-LWI-01 FlyerModel VH-WSI-02

Commercial Belgian Waffle maker

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Waffle on a Stick
Waffle Lolly


STARTING FROM : 970 Euro [$1197 USD | £858 GBP]*
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Basic Features

Base Construction Clean and heavy duty construction for intensive professional use, completely made out of 18/10 stainless steel.
Waffle Iron Is made out of one piece "Non-adhesive" cast iron insuring a perfect baking result.
Heating element Is custom made for the cast iron baking grid guaranteeing a prefect heat distribution and a long life span
Thermostat The iron is equipped with a high quality thermostat safeguarding the temperature setting when in use.
Drip trays Two 18/10 stainless steel drip trays are positioned underneath the baking grids, capturing all excessive waffle dough or scraping. These trays are easy to remove and can be cleaned in a dish washer.
Handholds “Cool touch” handles, made out of heat resistant material for safe opening and closing of the waffle iron.
Cast iron exterior For convenience of use, the cast iron exterior is covered with a wipe clean, temperature resistant layer, further simplifying the cleaning of the device.
Reversible The iron can flip completely from front to back, allowing liquate dough to set on both sides of the waffle. The waffle Iron can also be opened completely giving a large and level baking surface.

Extra Digital features

Digital display 4 number digital display
Digital timer Timer with adjustable time display (from 10 seconds to 60 minutes)
Alarm Adjustable alarm function.
Baking cycle counter Internal counter that counts the number of waffles baked using the timer
Hours of operation

Counting the hours of operation since the last counter reset
Total working hours counter Counts the hours of operation since the initial use of the Iron

Technical specifications

Electric power 220v-250v 50Hz / 8Amp.
this device is not available on 110v - 115v 1800 Watt
Device Dimensions 300mm x 450mm
Waffle Dimensions 3 waffles ,
Weight 24 Kg.


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