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Liege Waffles or Sweet Belgian Waffles
VH-LWI-01 (Manual)
VH-LWI-02 (Semi Digital)
Frozen dough Liege WaffleVH-LWI-SG (Gas Waffle Maker (Single 2x 4x6)
Frozen dough Liege WaffleVH-LWI-DG (Gas Waffle Maker (Double 4x 4x6)
VH-LWM (weight per bag )
Dry-mix Pearl sugar waffle
VH-FLW ( 5460 waffles per pallet)
Frozen dough Liege waffle (per pallet)
Waffle on a stick or waffle lolly
VH-WSI-01 (Manual)
VH-WSI-02 (Semi Digital)
VH-WSS (packed per 500)
Sticks for waffle on a stick waffle
VH-WSM (weight per bag )
Dry-mix waffle on a stick waffle
Brussels Waffle
VH-BWI-01 (Manual)
VH-BWI-02 (Semi Digital)
VH-BWM (weight per bag )
Dry-mix Brussels waffle
Fruit Waffle
VH-FWI-01 (Manual)
VH-FWI-02 (Semi Digital)
Savory Waffle
VH-PWI-01 (Manual)
VH-PWI-02 (Semi Digital)
Heart Shape Waffle Maker
VH-HSI-01 (Manual)
VH-HSI-02 (Semi Digital)
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