Model VH-LWI-01

This authentic Belgian waffle maker is designed to bake fresh LIEGE waffles time after time. The commercial waffle maker comes with a heavy cast iron waffle grid. This Belgian waffle iron has no protective layers that can be damaged during baking, this extends the lifecycle of the Belgian waffle iron drastically.

In this hand build device, we only use the best parts (not made in China) to provide a top-quality waffle maker. The heavy cast iron waffle grid insures great heat buffering to make sure that the baking temperature of the waffle is kept well within the baking temperature window. This VH waffle maker bakes your waffles and delivers a crispy well-cooked product time after time.

VH-LWI-01 Manual

Manual Belgian Commercial LIEGE Waffle maker


The temperature of this device can be regulated between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius to bake the authentic Liege waffles. The build-in thermostat keeps the temperature of the cast iron waffle grid perfectly inside of the baking window (175-200 Degrees Celsius).

Production capacity

The production capacity of this waffle maker is +/- 36 waffles per hour. A liege waffle bakes on average 3 minutes depending on the desired color of the waffle.


Base Construction

Clean and heavy duty construction for intensive professional use, completely made out of 18/10 stainless steel.

Waffle Iron

Is made out of one piece “Non-adhesive” cast iron insuring a perfect baking result.

Heating element

Is custom made for the cast iron baking grid guaranteeing a prefect heat distribution and a long life span

Baking surface

Is made slightly rough, stopping the waffle from drying out during the baking process, giving it a more refined taste.


The iron is equipped with a high quality thermostat safeguarding the temperature setting when in use.

Drip trays

Two 18/10 stainless steel drip trays are positioned underneath the baking grids, capturing all excessive waffle dough or scraping. These trays are easy to remove and can be cleaned in a dish washer.


“Cool touch” handles, made out of heat resistant material for safe opening and closing of the waffle iron.

Cast iron exterior

For convenience of use, the cast iron exterior is covered with a wipe clean, temperature resistant layer, further simplifying the cleaning of the device.

(open 180deg)

The iron can flip completely from front to back, allowing liquate dough to set on both sides of the waffle. The waffle Iron can also be opened completely giving a large and level baking surface.

NON Reversible
(open 115deg)

The iron can open 115 degrees (not completely open).

Filled waffles

Due to its reversible technique, this 4×6 grid waffle maker can be used to bake waffles with your choice of filling.
Opening the waffle iron completely allows for liquate dough to be poured on both side of the waffle grids.
Whilst the dough is setting, your favourite filling can be added prior to closing the waffle Iron and joining 2 sides of the waffle together.

This unique feature can not be duplicated by rotating waffle irons.


The iron has a 300 degrees Celsius high temperature setting to carbonize the sugar residue, releasing it from the baking surface.
The full cast iron baking grids do not require a so called “easy clean” surfaces which could easily be damaged and scratched but can simply be cleaned using a wire brush instead.


Waffle typeGridWaffle size (mm)Watt
A) Liege WaffleReversible4×6153 x 98 x 321300
B) Liege WaffleReversible4×5140 x 115 x 301400
C) Liege WaffleReversible3×4117 x 90 x 31900
D) Sugar WaffleNON Reversible4×7143 x 85 x 251200
E) Sugar WaffleNON Reversible4×6145 x 100 x 231300
F) Sugar WaffleNON Reversible4×7170 x 105 x 221300
RED:Most common configuration

Technical specifications

Electric power

220v-250v 50Hz.  also available in 110v-115v 60Hz

Device Dimensions

300mm x 450mm (Reversible model)
300mm x 300mm (NON Reversible model)

Device weight

17 Kg.

Waffle Grid Layouts