Gmo Free


This unique, all-in-one waffle mix just needs water to be added. The waffle dough is neutral in taste to allow sweet or salty filling. With this waffle mix you can do both types of waffles.

Use the mix in the VH-PWI waffle makers (round or square)

Mix for 2 minutes and you’re ready to bake.

Bag of 10 Kg = +/- 200 waffles (on a VH waffle maker)

Volumes up to 12 bags can be ordered below.
Web-shop orders are shipped directly to your door using FedEx.
Best FedEx product shipment ratio is obtained by shipping 60Kg or 6 bags per shipment.

In case larger volumes want to be ordered, please contact us by email on . A custom sales quote including shipping will then be provided.
Alternative shipping options can also be provided for orders of 25 bags and more.