Savory waffle maker (round grid)

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Filled waffle maker, round grid- VH.PWI.01 (manual) | VH.PWI.02 (semi-digital)

  • Full cast iron, non adhesive baking grids.
  • Stainless steel base.
  • Stainless steel, dishwasher proof, drip tray.
  • Taylor made heating element for optimal heat
  • High end thermostat with manual temperature setting.
  • Baking grid sides are treated with a high
    temperature thermal barrier.
  • Green power on indicator light.
  • Red thermostat indicator light.
  • Cool-touch front handles.

Easy to use professional waffle maker with high quality cast iron baking grid

The specially designed baking grid allows for a number of fillings to be baked inside the waffle.
(i.e. ham/cheese/fruit/salmon/bacon/vegetables/chicken..)

The waffle maker is reversible and opens 180degrees.
This allows you to fill the waffle grids with batter made from our savory ready-mix, adding your favourite waffle filling(s).

Close the waffle maker and finish the baking process with the filling(s) baked inside of the waffle.

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