Bubble waffle maker

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VH Bubble Waffle Balls and Poffertjes maker- VH-WBI-01 (manual) | VH-WBI-02 (semi-digital)

  • Full cast iron, non adhesive baking grids.
  • Stainless steel base.
  • Stainless steel, dishwasher proof, drip trays.
  • Taylor made heating element for optimal heat
  • High end thermostat with manual temperature setting.
  • Baking grid sides are treated with a high
    temperature thermal barrier.
  • Green power on indicator light.
  • Red thermostat indicator light.
  • Cool-touch front handles.

This waffle maker will allow you to bake 2 different products in the same baking grid. This easy to use, professional waffle maker is specially designed to bake 20 waffle balls or 40 poffertjes.

The waffle maker is reversible (flips from one side to the other) and opens 180 degrees.

When the baking grid is folded completely opened, the baking surface allows 40 poffertjes to be baked in one go.

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