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Frozen dough Liege waffle


Weight 120 gr (4.23 Ounce) per dough ball
Other weights are available on request at container volume.
Shelf Life 12 months
Units 130 dough balls per box
Baking time 2 min 15 - 2 min 45
Baking temperature 185 C / 365 F
Defrosting Remove from the freezer +/- 3 hours
before baking.

Technical specifications

Box Dimentions 50cm x 22cm x 22cm (15.6Kg)
19 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 8 3/4" (30 Lbs)
Half Pallet Dimentions 27 boxes per pallet (3510 waffles)
100cm x 120cm x 90cm hoog (421 Kg)
39.9" x 47.2" x 35" High (824 Lbs)
Pallet Dimentions

42-48 boxes per pallet (6240 waffles)
100cm x 120cm x 180cm hoog (748 Kg)
39.9" x 47.2" x 70" High (1649 Lbs)

Cooling -18 Celcius / -0.4 Fahrenheit

Sample the frozen dough for the Liege waffle ?

The Liege waffle frozen dough is available for sample to our customers. The provided dough balls are FREE OF CHARGE. The cost charged to our customers is limted to the express courier service, the special deep freeze container and cooling elements.
Every frozen Liege waffle dough sample contains +/- 22-24 Liege dough balls. This can be a mix of all our products.

Request here your sample for Liege frozen waffle dough


Frozen Liege Waffle Dough

A simple and consistent product.

This is a very easy product. The Belgian waffles dough will need 2-3 hours rest in room temperature before it can be baked in a commercial waffle maker. During this time the waffle dough will start to rise. The waffle is then baked on a pre-heated cast iron commercial waffle maker for 2minuts and 45 seconds. The waffle maker is set to 180degrees Celsius or 365 Fahrenheit. This waffle dough will release easy from the grid and will create a perfect baked fresh waffle time after time.

Because the product is finished it can be baked by anyone with limited to no training on a home waffle maker or Commercial Waffle Irons. No matter who is baking your waffles, the product will turn out the same time after time and will taste exactly the same. We take care of your product consistency and make sure that the taste of the waffles remains the same all the time.


VH Frozen waffle dough VH waffle balls

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Butter or Margarine



Regular Vanille , Cinnamon , Chocolat Chip

This Belgian waffle dough
works on ALL Commercial waffle irons

Liege waffle dough made in Belgium with authentic Belgian ingredients for supreme quality.

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Wholesale Liege Waffles EUROPE
Half Pallet or Full Pallet

AS LOW AS : 0.36 EURO per dough ball
Available from Belgian warehouse

Our European orders are also delivered to your door or to your cold storage facility, lead time +/- 7-10 days.
We have weekly transport options to France, Austria, Swiss, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia..


Available per box (5-10-15-20 cases at a time)
Half Pallet or Full Pallet

full pallet loads from NY port

$ 0.61
USD per dough ball or
$ 79.3 USD per box (130 dough balls)

Our Liege Waffle Dough frozen is available from stock (USA Liege waffle dough wholesale) in smaller quantities (box level).

We ship every month pallets directly from Belgium.
Contact us for us for pricing

We deliver the Frozen waffle dough to NY port or cold storage facility.
VH is working closely toghetter with US Shippers, there is no involment from the customer needed. VH is an FDA registered company and is therefore able to bring the waffle product into the USA and Canada.

Pallet orders

To request a sales quote including shipping please
click here for a liege waffle dough quote

Indicated prices are per dough ball
based on pallet orders

These are authentic


made in Belgium.

Produced with real Belgian pearl sugar , the Liege dough is immediately deep frozen after production to insure maximum quality.

The Belgian Waffle dough is packed automatically in trays of with 26 Liege waffle dough balls and 5 trays are added to the box. In total there are 130 dough balls per box. Each dough ball produces one Liege waffle.

Waffle dough supplier for Liege waffles
Wholesale - Distribution

Waffle dough supplier

We are currently looking for dealers / distributors in North America and parts of Europe for wholesale Liege Waffles.

become a dealer for our Frozen waffle dough

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